Brick Defence

Airbrick Defence

Without protection the airbrick on a property can allow as much as 5000 litres of water through per hour

We supply and fit Flood Angel anti-flood airbrick.
The Flood Angel airbrick is BSI Kite marked.
A selection of standard colours terracotta, engineering blue, white, black and buff.

The airbrick will automatically close and open with the rise and fall of flood waters, putting your mind at ease

    • Passive device – automatic
    • Stops water ingress through airbrick
    • Mesh either side to stop insects and debris entering
    • Selection of colours
    • BSI Kite marked
    • Permanently fitted

Waterproof coating

To stop flood water seeping through brickwork and stonework, a waterproof coating can be applied to the brickwork. The coating sets clear so you won’t even know it’s there.

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