Sewage Defence

Backflow of sewage contributes to major damage in a flood situation and it is important to mitigate this damage

110mm Non-return Valves

An anti-flood device which can be installed either in the manhole or a valve installed on the discharge pipework from the property, this prevents backflow by automatically closing in flood situations

Backwater Valve

During a flood, water can often enter into the property through waste water pipes such as pipes from kitchen sinks, washing machines, dishwashers etc.
The backwater valve installed on the pipework will prevent this from happening by closing with water rising and opening when the water recedes.

Sump and Pump

The sump and pump is an important installation to provide complete property protection

As the environment agency points out it is impossible to make a property completely flood proof, the sump pump is a line of defence against groundwater and overtopping.

The sump pump sits below ground level and is designed to pump out water faster than it enters the property, the sump pump can be located inside the property or outside the property.

The pump has a float switch which automatically activates as required.
A must to stop cellars flooding.

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